Wednesday, December 26, 2007

web designers

Association of African American Web Developers - Promotes camaraderie, collaboration, and professional growth among people of color in all phases of web development and design. Features a design workshop, forum, classified section, and directory of members.
HTML Writers Guild - Services and resources to help members learn, improve, and perfect their skills in the craft of Web design.
International Alliance of Web Developers - Dedicated to the global, economic, professional and creative advancement of the Web. Membership benefits include a professional certification program, access to industry reports, online seminars, and networking opportunities.
International Association of Web Masters and Designers - To promote trust and confidence on the Internet through voluntary self-regulation and administration, as well as Webmaster and web surfer interaction.
International Webmasters Association - A global network of official chapters dedicated to supporting the needs of its members. Educational, self-development, idea sharing, and professional contact development.
Internet Professional Publishers Association - Comprised of leading new media and commercial designers, encourages the growth of high quality internet solutions. Very visual and graphic-oriented.
New Mexico Internet Professionals Association - Statewide organization dedicated to expanding the market for Internet-related services.
Toronto Internet Developers Association - Includes a discussion list, member skills database, and seminars to expand networking opportunities.
Web Developers Association of America - Web designer organization features a member directory of web designers, web developers, and web graphics designers. WDAA membership accepts only legitimate business entities located in the United States.
Web Producers Organization - A professional organization for producers and project managers of interactive and web-based projects including public web sites, intranet sites, and web-based applications.
West Australian Internet Association - Information on code of conduct, constitution, list of members, minutes and news.
World Organization of Webmasters - Offers education, mentorship, online training, technical support, employment information, and Internet legal guidance.
WWW Chamber Of Commerce - Dedicated to supporting ethical, responsible businesses on the Internet.

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Nadia Khan said...

idont know how to do this... whats the port number? could someone please describe this to me in detail im a computer nooooob
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